We promote and implement participatory approaches to the conservation of ecosystem services provided by coral reefs

Corales de Paz Offers You

Research, education, participation, and action for effective coral reef conservation

Reef Science for coral reef conservation

Reef Science

Corales de Paz develops and collaborates in scientific and technological projects for the advance of coral reef conservation and restoration

Corales de paz scaling up restoration background

Scaling-up Reef Restoration

Corales de Paz seeks to increase the scale and effectiveness of coral reef restoration actions through the application and transfer of science-based proven solutions that accelerate natural coral reef recovery.

Corales de paz coral reef monitoring

Participatory Reef Monitoring

Corales de Paz actively involves citizens in the collection of data on coral reef health, in so doing we aim to assist the effective management of Colombia´s coral reefs.

Responisble Reef Use

Responsible Reef Use

Corales de Paz is meaningful diving. We offer opportunities for you to reduce your impact, become a responsible diver, or collaborate in ocean conservation.

Meaningful Diving Field Programs in Coral Reef Conservation

For you who want to leave a legacy of responsible reef use

Cartagena Reef Check

Let's visit, evaluate and save Varadero! The Cartagena Reef Check is your opportunity to help protect the only coral reef
4 Days

San Andrés Reef Repair

You will upgrade your Meaningful Diving training to Reef Repair Diver. After completing the program, you will understand when active
4 Days

San Andrés Reef Check

This is our largest participatory coral reef monitoring expedition, an intense educational experience in citizen science to support the actions
4 Days

Education and Training in Meaningful Diving for Marine Conservation

For you who want to build a career or be active in coral reef conservation and restoration

Introduction to Mangroves

Introduction to Mangroves Online Course

This course introduces you to the mangrove - a rare and threatened ecosystem. It provides a brief overview of how

SSI Manta Ray Ecology

This non-diving specialty program teaches you the skills and concepts required to identify the common mantas, rays, stingrays, and skates
Green Fins Dive Guide Course

The Green Fins Dive Guide e-Course

Sign-up for the free Green Fins Dive Guide course today and start your career of meaningful diving for marine conservation.

Meaningful Diving in Action

You can find the most recent news about our work

The UN Sustainable Development Goals guide our work

Together we can work to make the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals a reality

Using the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals as a guide.