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You can give or sponsor coral out planting for reef restoration in Colombia through our Reef Giving Program. Visit the page for more information.

Together We Restore Coral Reefs

Thank You for Sharing Our Mission

A coral planula will grow to become a polyp, who in turns will bud multiple times and turn into a coral colony. Many colonies create a coral reef, that when conditions are right becomes a barrier reef that protect us all.

In the same way, you have the opportunity to support our mission. We invite you to donate any amount possible, because they all will add up and together will help us continue working to build sustainable coral reefs.

With people like you marine conservation and restoration projects are executed, young leaders can achieve professional goals, and a legacy of practicing meaningful diving for marine conservation is being written.

¿How Do We Use Our Funds?

Distribution of expenses
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We can together protect the goods and services that coral reefs provide to you, us, and over 1 billion people around the world. 100% of your contribution will be used to continue evaluating the health of coral reefs, to actively assist in their recovery, and to promote responsible coral reef use.

Other Ways to Give

¿Why Support Corales de Paz?

With your investment you are directly supporting our work, allowing us to continue with the active conservation of coral reefs.
Backing an internationally-recognized organization leader in participatory conservation provides you and your company an opportunity to become a game changer.
If you wish, you are widely acknowledged to show your followers that you are committed to responsible business practices.
You can become a sponsor of our expeditions and events. and of other opportunities where we practice meaningful diving.

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