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Reef Check EcoDiver

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When you become a Reef Check EcoDiver you have the opportunity to express the scientist and the explorer in you! Start your path to participatory coral reef monitoring and take an active role in the conservation of your favorite coral reefs.


Reef Check designed this 10-hour course to provide you with the knowledge component to conduct full-scale Reef Check surveys. In this program, you will learn all about the globally standardized Reef Check protocol. You will also learn how to identify key indicator fish, invertebrates, and substrates selected by Reef Check for global monitoring and conservation of coral reefs.

To get fully certified as a Reef Check EcoDiver, you will need to join a Reef Check Expedition. You will then receive the field training in coral reef monitoring required to complete your certification as a Reef Check EcoDiver. Once you are certified, you can join Reef Check monitoring teams at our Reef Check expeditions. You will be ready to assist scientists in evaluating the health of coral reefs in Colombia and around the world.

Learning Objectives

After this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the why, how, and what of coral reef health monitoring using the Reef Check Protocol and the Reef Check EcoDiver program.
  • Survey and evaluate indicators of coral reef health, namely the composition and density of specific fish species and groups; the composition and density of selected marine invertebrates; the percentage of live coral cover in comparison to other substrate types such as sponges, macroalgae, soft corals, rocks, etc; and, the presence and abundance of coral diseases and other impacts.  
  • Qualify for your certification as a Reef Check EcoDiver at our Reef Check Expeditions.


The learning structure includes videos, reading material, tests, and discussions with participants to develop concepts and knowledge. External resources are shared during the lessons to enrich the learning process. 


You don´t need to be a certified scuba diver to take this e-learning course. You need to be 12 years old or older. If you only want to experience Reef Check you can start with the Discover Reef Check program.

Testing and Certification: 

There is a knowledge test you must pass with a minimum 80% score. If you want to complete your certification as a Reef Check EcoDiver at a field program, you must complete and pass this course before joining.

These are your options for certification

We invite you to check the Join a Field Program tab to find a Reef Check expedition where you can get certified.