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Our success thus far has been thanks to our supportive and loyal members. They are a key factor to achieve our mission.

Members may be individuals or legal entities of public or private nature who identify with, support, and promote the work of Corales de Paz. They adhere and commit to following the organization’s bylaws.

As a member you become role models and ambassadors of Corales de Paz’s motto of practicing meaningful diving for marine conservation, and our mission of promoting and implementing participatory approaches to the conservation of the ecosystem services provided by coral reefs.

Important Information


Membership to Corales de Paz is valid for 12 months calendar.

Duties and Rights

Please read Corales de Paz´s bylaws to know your duties and rights as a member.

Reasons to Join Corales de Paz

Con tu inversión, está apoyando directamente nuestro trabajo, permitiéndonos continuar con la conservación activa de los arrecifes de coral.
You get to meet people like you, committed to help protecting and restoring coral reefs and other marine ecosystems.
You become a member of the ruling body of Corales de Paz, where your voice is heard, and you get to attend our Annual General Meeting.
You receive exclusive invitations and treatment on our expeditions and other opportunities to practice meaningful diving.
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Entrenador Reef Check EcoDiver

Entrenador Reef Check EcoDiver

Este curso enseña a Reef Check EcoDivers calificados a convertirse en instructores certificados de Reef Check EcoDiver y certificar nuevos EcoDivers.
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Taller de Restauración de Arrecifes Coralinos Maldivas

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