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Together with coral reefs and seagrasses, mangroves provide many ecosystem services to humans. These three ecosystems are connected despite sometimes not being adjacent to one another. Understanding their importance and connectedness will help us improve the strategies developed to curb their degradation.

The Introduction to Mangroves Onlne course is your opportunity to know a rare and threatened ecosystem. This course was developed by The Nature Conservancy and it provides a brief overview of how mangroves evolved, their geographical distribution, importance to humans and coastal ecology, and global status and threats. The material covered in this course will enable people to grasp more complex topics related to the biology, ecology, assessment, and management of mangroves.

We highly recommend this course due to the fact that mangroves are vital for healthy ecosystems and human communities. Despite the significance of these habitats, in the last few decades, they have been extensively degraded and cleared, often in the interest of economic growth. Fortunately, such attitudes are changing and there is now increasing global appreciation for the remarkable mangrove forest. Here you can learn more about their importance and actions are taken to curb their degradation.


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