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San Andrés is the best location for reef restoration training!

Logo Reef Repair Diver ProgramThis expedition is for experienced scuba divers or certified Reef Check EcoDivers divers who want to assist with coral gardening projects around the world. You will upgrade your Meaningful Diving training to Reef Repair Diver. After completing the program, you will understand when active reef restoration is required;  describe how we are trying to bring coral reefs back to life; be able to stock, maintain and monitor corals in underwater nurseries; be able to outplant nursery-grown corals with cement at restoration sites.

In this expedition, you will be trained by the team who implemented  Colombia’s largest coral reef rehabilitation project, the Reef for All project, at the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve. In its first year of the Reef for All project, eight underwater rope nurseries were built with the capacity to grow at least 16,000 fragments of different coral reef species. The initial stock was 13468 fragments of four species of hard corals. In 2018 we started outplanting nursery-grown corals and by January 2020, we have outplanted 6522 nursery-grown corals, which has resulted in average increased of 41% in live coral cover at intervened sites and an ecological footprint (area in rehabilitation) of ca 4.5 hectares.

In the San Andrés Reef Repair you will be certified as Reef Repair Diver

If this is your first time attending a Reef Repair expedition and you have more than 25 logged dives,  you will receive training to become a  Reef Repair Diver . You will live a true coral gardening experience lead by experience reef restoration practitioners and scientists, where you will how to apply best practices for active conservation of coral reefs that can achieve measurable results in improving the condition of this ecosystem.  This course allows you to receive Corales de Paz´s pioneering  Reef Repair Diver certification. This is also a step into our Sistema de Buceo Responsable and its Universo de Buceo con Propósito, a minimum set of concepts and skills which we believe you need to start helping build resilient coral reefs.


You must complete and pass the knowledge component before joining this field program. Inscríbete al Discover Reef Repair o Reef Repair Diver e-learning programs today! 

¿Are you already a Reef Repair Diver?

Congratulations! You can start assisting us in the rehabilitation of San Andres´s coral reefs. As a certified Reef Repair Diver you will carry out at least three (3) coral gardening tasks including a) stocking up a coral nursery, b) cleaning and maintaining coral nurseries, and c) outplanting coral with cement. Finally, the activities carried out will support to restoration efforts undertaken in San Andrés by Corales de Paz and partners in the Archipelago. Pensando en certificarte como Entrenador Reef Repair Diver? The Reef Repair dives completed on this expedition will help you qualify for your Reef Repair trainer course as well as continue your buceo con propósito como un buzo responsable!

As a Reef Repair expedition team member in this expedition you can expect to:

See, experience or learn how we are using the coral gardening approach to rehabilitate coral reefs in San Andrés and abroad.

Outplant coral under the leadership and guidance of experienced coral reef restoration practitioners, and assist with national and international efforts to restore coral reefs.

Participate in other socio-ecological activities to experience how the local community lives and is protecting its island, including a nature walk around the Laguna Big Pond and the Old Point Mangle Regional Park.

Conocer a más personas como tú que están comprometidas con mejorar su experiencia de buceo y hacer de su pasión una oportunidad para dejar un legado.

Learn About the Reef Check EcoDiver Program

¿QUÉ ESTÁ INCLUIDO? Entrenamiento y supervisión por el equipo de científicos de acuerdo al nivel

Four to Six SCUBA dives*

Lunch and refreshments

Dive equipment for members

Seguro de buceo

¿WHAT´S NOT INCLUDED?Tarjeta de turismo

Tiquete hacia/desde San Andrés

Accommodation and meals

Dive equipment for non-members


¿CUÁNDO SE REALIZA?Every october of every year
¿CUÁNTO DURA?4 Noches/5 Días
¿SOLO PARA BUZOS CERTIFICADOS?No. You can join as a snorkeler too**.
¿WHAT REEF REPAIR LEVELS CAN JOIN?Certificado Reef Repair Divers | Reef Repair Divers Candidates | Discover Reef Repair Divers

*Number of SCUBA dives will depend on your day and time of flying.

**Only for the 1-day Discover Reef Repair Snorkel option.

Me gustaría recibir información antes de registrarme.

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Train the new Reef Repair divers that will assist with the coral gardening field tasks of the Reef for All project in San Andrés and other coral reef restoration projects around the world.

San Andrés is a Colombian island in the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Nicaragua. It is known for coral reefs and reggae music. The fiery Spratt Bight beach has a palm-lined promenade. On the coast is Johnny Cay Park, a small island with coconut mangroves and white sandy beaches. Old Point Mangle Regional Park is a wildlife sanctuary with crabs, iguanas, and birds.

Since 2017, San Andrés and Providencia island are home to Colombia´s largest coral reef restoration project, the Reef for All project, a project of the Secretary of Agriculture and Fisheries from the Government of the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia, and Santa Catalina, the provincial environmental authority CORALINA, Conservation International Colombia, and the Corales de Paz. Both islands are within the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve in the Colombian Caribbean.


Day 1: Registration and Briefing

19:00 – 20:00 We meet, you understand the restoration project and the work ahead


Day 2: Set the foundations first

08: 00 – 10: 00 Coral Reef Ecology Review and introduction to coral gardening

10: 00 – 10: 30 Break

10: 30 – 12: 00  Dive 1: Underwater skills check up and restoration need assessment**

12: 00 – 13: 30 Lunch break

13: 30 – 15: 00 Land Practice: Planting and cleaning fragments

15: 00 – 17: 30 Dive 2: Planting corals in nurseries (SCUBA / Apnea)**

17: 30 – 18: 00 Recap and briefing for next day´s activities


Day 3: Outplanting corals

08:00 – 10: 00 Land practice: Coral outplanting

10: 00 – 10: 30 Break

10: 00 – 12: 00 Dive 3: Coral outplanting 1**

12: 00 – 13: 30 Lunch break

13:30 – 16: 00 Dive 4: Coral outplanting 2**

16:00 – 17:30 Land practice: coral survival monitoring

17: 30 – 18: 00 Recap and briefing for next day´s activities


Day 4: Check your corals before you leave

08:00 – 10: 00 Dive/Snorkel 5: Coral survival monitoring at nursery ***

10: 00 – 10: 30 Break

10: 30 – 12: 00 Dive/Snorkel 6: Coral survival monitoring at outplanting site ***

12: 00 – 14: 00 Lunch break

14:00 – 15:00 Recap and closure

15:00 –            Free time on island

* Itinerario y horarios sujetos a cambios sin previo aviso debido al clima y la logística.
**The objective of the dives is for the main Reef Repair Diver plan. For the other plans i.e. Reef Repair Diver candidates and Discover Reef Repair, the dives will be simultaneous but will additional objectives.
***Only those flying out the next day will SCUBA dive, those flying on the same day will snorkel.

San Andrés Reef Repair in the pass

We invite you read some notes about our previous Reef Repair events in San Andrés island. These are notes, reports and experiences from our previous participants, staff and others.

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Mi viaje de Reef Check EcoDiver a Reef Repair Diver

Si somos seres responsables, entenderemos que es necesario hacer algo al respecto, ya sea para proteger y prevenir o para reparar.
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