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Discover Reef Repair

Become a coral gardener for a day! Show you care about coral reef conservation, commit to take actions to reduce your impact, and experience how the world is trying to bring dead coral reefs back to life.

1 Día
Theory + Fieldwork, Theory Only

Malla de Buceo Personalizada

If you are going to monitor the reefs or just want to have fun and take photos, this mesh will be very useful for you.

Termo Metalico Personalizado

¿Intentas reducir tu plástico de un solo uso para proteger los arrecifes de coral? ¡Tenemos la solución!

Providencia Reef Repair

Join us on our efforts to restore Providencia´s coral reefs. After completing the program, you will understand when active reef restoration is required;  describe how we are trying to bring coral reefs back to life; be able to stock, maintain and monitor corals in underwater nurseries; be able to outplant nursery-grown corals with cement at restoration sites.

5 Días