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¿Intentas reducir tu plástico de un solo uso para proteger los arrecifes de coral? ¡Tenemos la solución!

Trying to reduce your single-use plastic to protect coral reefs? We got you covered! This branded alloy water flask will show you do. On top of that, it helps you keep hydrated during your outdoors activities like between meaningful dives! We can stamp your name or that of a loved one, so it is perfect as a gift.

Free carabiner for carrying during outdoor activities

Wide mouth allows cleaning with brush

A durable alloy body

Easy to carry shape and size

BPA free and Eco-friendly

500ml, just the right volume to balance hydration needs and ease of handling

With your purchase you are directly supporting our work, allowing us to continue with the active conservation of coral reefs. 30% of proceeds go to Corales de Paz´s work.

Corales de Paz is meaningful diving (Buceo con Propósito). We promote and implement participatory approaches to the conservation of the ecosystem services provided by coral reefs. With people like you marine conservation and restoration projects are executed, young leaders can achieve professional goals, and a legacy of practicing meaningful diving for marine conservation is being written. 

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