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Progression Reef Check EcoDiver program
Reef Check EcoDiver Program

Reef Check EcoDiver


Become a Reef Check EcoDiver and have the opportunity to express the scientist and the explorer in you! Become certified to conduct your own Reef Check surveys and take an active role in conserving your favorite coral reefs.


When you become a Reef Check EcoDiver you have the opportunity to express the scientist and the explorer in you! Start your path to participatory coral reef monitoring and take an active role in the conservation of your favorite coral reefs.

This 10-hour e-learning plus 4-day field training course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to conduct coral reef monitoring dives using the Reef Check protocol. In this program, you will learn all about the globally standardized Reef Check methodology. You will also learn to identify key indicator fish, invertebrates, and substrates selected by Reef Check for global monitoring and conservation of coral reefs. This course will allow you to join the Reef Check monitoring team at our Reef Check expeditions. You will be assisting scientists in evaluating coral reef health in Colombia and around the world.

Progression of Reef Check EcoDiver Program

Reef Check Colombia

Theory component

There are five e-learning sessions where you learn about the fundamentals of coral reefs and coral reef monitoring. This includes their function and importance. You’ll then go on to learn about the driving forces behind the decline of coral reefs and what measures we take to halt this decline. Then, the course continues with an introduction to Reef Check and the Reef Check protocol for coral reef monitoring. This includes the tools, terminology, key concepts, and methods used in the field for monitoring the health of coral reefs with Reef Check. Next, you will learn to identify the indicator species used in your region to estimate coral reef health and the methods to survey them. This will allow you to get an in-depth view of fish, substrate, invertebrate, coral disease, and impact identification for monitoring.

E-Learning Ready

Start your training today! Complete and pass the knowledge component of our meaningful diving programs and get certified any time at a field program.


E-learning ready

E-learning Only

Starts: Every two weeks
Duration: 10 hours long, five 2-hour sessions

E-learning + Field Program

Starts: Every two weeks + dates of the field program
Duration: 10 hours + duration of the field program
Cost: $80 with any qualifying field program*

*E-learning must be completed and passed before joining a field program. Join a Reef Check field program of your choice as a Reef Check EcoDiver candidate. Includes a download of the following: Identification PowerPoint presentations, Data sheet templates, Instruction manual, Regional field guide,  Training video.  Upon completion of the EcoDiver course, a certification card will be issued if at least one of the three tests (Substrate, Invertebrates, Fish) is passed and a passport-style photo is provided to put on the card. Download information will be emailed to you by Reef Check Worldwide.


You must complete and pass the knowledge (e-learning) component before starting any field program. At any qualifying field program, you will complete 5 open water sessions. You first will be taken snorkeling or diving to test your skills learned. You will start with a check-up session to test your swimming and or SCUBA diving skills. Next, your knowledge to identify and survey fishes, substrate categories (corals, sponges, algae, etc.), invertebrates, and coral diseases will be applied and tested in three separate open water sessions. Then, all knowledge and skills learned will be put into practice in your last dive where you will conduct a full Reef Check survey. Finally, you will experience capturing and interpreting the data on coral reef health collected by you and your team.


You don´t need to be a certified scuba diver to take this e-learning course. You need to be 12 years old or older. If you only want to experience Reef Check you can start with the Discover Reef Check program. If you want to take the full certification option, you do need to be a certified scuba diver with over 30 logged dives.


E-learning only does not include materials nor certification. Reef Check EcoDiver Kit provided by the trainer as part of the field program.

Testing and Certification

There is a knowledge test you must pass with an 80% score.  This should be done before joining any field training program. The field training has a knowledge ID onsite test (80% to pass) and a field ID test (90%) to obtain regional certification. The certification qualifies you to participate in Reef Check surveys in the region and to submit their data to the global database. An optional certification card is available.

If you are already an EcoDiver and would like to transfer to a new region (e.g. Pacific to the Caribbean), you will need to pass the identification tests. The purchase of the EcoDiver materials for that region is also required. Please contact o for details.

Check off the Únete a Programas de Campo tab to find a Reef Check expedition to get certified at your next diving destination! If you are already a Reef Check EcoDiver Diver and would like to apply your skills you can find other Reef Check expeditions to continue building your career in the Meaningful Diving Universe.

Revisa nuestro Universo de Buceo con Propósito y descubre más programas para obtener el conocimiento y las habilidades para comenzar a ayudar a construir arrecifes de coral resilientes mientras buceas. 

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Responsible Diving System for responible reef useAs part of our mission, Corales de Paz believes that there are three distinct components for creating a snorkeling and diving industry that has a net positive environmental impact. The three components are knowledge, skills, and behavior, and together form the Corales de Paz Sistema de Buceo Responsable de Corales de Paz que te ayuda a asegurarte de que siempre pones más de lo que tomas de los arrecifes de coral.

A reef user like you, (e.g. beachgoer, snorkeler or diver) must have a proper foundation of knowledge to understand how coral reefs function, and their strong connection with humans, to be aware of the impact you are causing to coral reefs. Practical training offers you the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to measure and reduce the impact caused on coral reefs.

Your introduction to Meaningful Diving!

The Reef Check EcoDiver course is the second level of the Reef Check EcoDiver program and an entry-level in our Universo de Buceo con Propósito, a group of courses and training we believe provides important knowledge and skills for the ocean lovers and reef users like you to actively engage in building coral reef resilience.

Corales de Paz Universo de Buceo con Propósito

It is also a requirement to obtain the free Coral Reef Diver Commitment Recognition de Corales de Paz. 

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Información adicional


5 Días


Teoría + Práctica



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