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Sign-up for the free Green Fins Dive e-course today and start your career of meaningful diving for marine conservation. Learn how to lead by example. 


All divers, whether novice or experienced, can minimize their impact on the environment by following environmental best practice while diving. By taking the Green Fins Diver e-Course, you can play your part in protecting our ocean by becoming more environmentally aware and learning how to have zero impact dives.

The Green Fins Diver e-Course only costs $25 (which supports vital work protecting the marine environment), and will build on your existing scuba diving knowledge by providing you with the skills and confidence to conduct more environmentally friendly diving trips. Additionally, learn more about how to use your consumer power to demand more sustainable practices.

With millions of certified divers visiting coral reefs around the world, the more certified Green Fins divers there are, the better for the future of our precious coral reefs!

The Green Fins initiative aims to protect and conserve coral reefs through environmentally friendly guidelines that promote a sustainable diving and snorkeling industry.

Green Fins is coordinated internationally by The Reef-World Foundation in partnership with the UN Environment.

GreenFins ImageBecome a Green Fins Diver

As a professional diver leading and guiding scuba divers, you have the ability to positively influence diver behavior and help protect coral and other marine life on every dive. If you can manage your divers and prevent them from causing damage, then you are helping protect coral reefs, one dive, at a time.

The Green Fins Diver e-Course

This course will build on your existing scuba diving knowledge by providing you with the skills and confidence to conduct more environmentally friendly diving trips. It has one simple goal: to reduce the negative impacts of scuba diving on the underwater environment.


En este curso en línea tu:

Learn how to positively influence the diving industry for sustainability

Learn tips and tricks for protecting the environment above and below the water

Do your part for Sustainable Development Goal 14.

Receive a personalized certificate


 Curso Green Fins Dive Guide

The Green Fins Diver e-Course is an external program offered by Green Fins and the Reef World Foundation. It is not linked to Corales de Paz.

At the end of this course, you can choose to purchase a downloadable electronic certificate for £20 ($25) payable to Green Fins directly. This will have your name and date on it to show you have taken part in this training. Green Fins suggests and Corales de Paz encourages you to publicly display this certificate to inform your guests that you are aware of how to reduce the environmental impacts associated with scuba diving.

If you are unable to purchase a certificate, apply for the Green Fins Dive Guide e-Course Scholarship Fund!

Revisa nuestro Sistema de Buceo Responsable y descubre más programas para obtener el conocimiento y las habilidades para comenzar a ayudar a construir arrecifes de coral resilientes mientras buceas.

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