By submitting your application for a field program (expedition, workshop, internship) you (the “Participant”) confirm you accept and agree to these terms. If you submit an application for an Online course and then subsequently choose to also do any field programs you will also be confirming that you accept and agree to these terms.

You will enter into a binding legal agreement with Corales de Paz (“CdP”, “we”, “us”, “our”). Please ensure you read them carefully and do not hesitate to ask your point of contact any questions about them before you complete your booking.


Corales de Paz agrees to organize and set up a field program and/or other course(s) as agreed upon in writing between you and Corales de Paz. Services include, but may not be limited to:

    • Arranging full pre-departure briefings on the telephone and via email;
    • Providing a program field manual;
    • Arranging suitable accommodation and food, where applicable, for the duration of the program (details are outlined on the “what’s included section of the website program page and the program manual);
    • Arrange for transfers to and from the airport in the chosen country where indicated in the program field manual;
    • Arranging Field Leaders to lead and manage programs where required;
    • Arranging the provision of field equipment, training and training materials relevant to the program;
    • Providing and maintaining a full international support structure;
    • Providing a 24-hour emergency desk; and
    • Providing international travel assistance and advice.

Please note, our field program activities as defined on our website and in enrollment materials are based on currently available activities. Corales de Paz reserves the right to substitute or change these activities based on the needs of our local communities and in-field partners. We will do our utmost to keep you updated on any changes prior to your program commencement; however, this cannot be guaranteed.

Any information we provide, including but not limited to information about visas, vaccinations, healthcare, climate, baggage, group sizes and special equipment is given in good faith for informational purposes only.


Corales de Paz reserves the right to refuse to offer their services to you, at any time, for any reason.


During the application process you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Legal name
  • Phone Number
  • Correo Electrónico
  • Date of Birth
  • Swimming ability
  • Swimming ability
  • SCUBA diving ability
  • Criminal history
  • Medical history – including mental health, current medications and any medical requirements
  • Dietary requirements
  • Citizenship & country of residence

You confirm that all information you provide during the application process is complete and correct. You must update Corales de Paz if this information changes prior to  your program commencement or during your program. Failure to provide complete, accurate and truthful information on the application will be grounds for cancellation without refund.


Personal Data and Data protection is handled in line with our Política de Privacidad.



You are required to secure travel and medical insurance to protect you against losses caused by travel, loss or damage of baggage and or personal effects by any means, non-refundable airfare, emergency medical evacuation and other medical expenses. It is strongly recommended that you purchase trip cancellation cover to protect yourself against losses relating to your inability to travel for medical reasons or if someone in your family takes ill or dies suddenly. The policy must cover the entire duration of your Corales de Paz program and include manual, conservation and volunteer work where applicable. Corales de Paz cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of personal effects by any means whatsoever. The details of your insurance policy must be provided prior to program commencement for your protection.

Background/Police Check

For some programs, you will be required to supply a background (police) check at your own expense. Details on how to complete this process will be supplied prior to commencing fieldwork. You agree that your participation on a Corales de Paz program is subject to the outcome of this check. As per the Application Process clause of these terms, failure to disclose in advance any known criminal history is grounds for cancellation of your program without refund.

Health and Medical Forms

A medical form, and a medical form, if applicable, will be provided at the time of booking and must be completed at least 8 weeks prior to program commencement. As per the Application Process clause of these terms, failure to disclose any known medical conditions is grounds for cancellation of your program without refund.

Corales de Paz Program Managers are not medical professionals, and the standards of medical care in countries where Corales de Paz operates are likely to be lower than you may be used to. You, and your primary care physician, are responsible for ensuring you are able to manage your own mental and physical wellbeing, including administering any medication, for the entirety of your Corales de Paz program.

It is your responsibility to visit a local travel clinic and ensure you have any necessary vaccines or medications  for the full duration of your Corales de Paz Program.

Corales de Paz reserves the right to require documentation from a doctor or specialist and/or to consult with their own medical and mental health professionals regarding your physical and mental fitness to undertake this program.

Corales de Paz reserves the right to reject or cancel a booking on the grounds of either doctor’s comments or advice. Any additional medical documentation Corales de Paz requires will be at your own expense.

Emergency Contact

Prior to program commencement, you must supply us with emergency contact details of a friend or family member. We reserve the right to contact this person should we deem it necessary.

Other Documentation

In order to comply with local visa and permit requirements, you may also be required to provide additional documentation including, but not limited to, passport details, flight arrival and departure information. A full list will be provided at the time of booking. If this information is not provided by the deadline stipulated at the time of booking, Corales de Paz may have to cancel your booking without refund.


It is your responsibility to ensure you have any necessary visas and a valid passport for your program. Any visa information provided by Corales de Paz is done in good faith and Corales de Paz cannot be held responsible for any country’s  decision to change visa rules, deny a visa application, refuse entry, exit or the right of passage (national and local laws governing immigration). We bear no liability for any losses you may incur arising from any such action. In certain cases, Corales de Paz may require the participant to enter the country on a specific visa to comply with local country laws and regulations. Specific information will be provided at the time of booking.


PLEASE NOTE THAT GENERALLY ALL PAYMENTS MADE ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, except for the exceptions listed in these Terms and Conditions.

Corales de Paz’s current program fees are displayed on the website and are subject to change without notice. What is included in your program fee will be displayed on the “What’s Included?” tab on the program page.

From time to time, Corales de Paz’s staff may award scholarships in line with Corales de Paz’s mission. These are awarded at Corales de Paz’s discretion and are non-transferable.

Your total program fee will be outlined in your acceptance email.

You will be quoted in the currency of your home country (e.g. country of current permanent residence) and are not eligible to pay in other currencies unless Corales de Paz does not offer the currency of your home country. Corales de Paz accepts payments in GBP, USD, EUR, CAD, and AUD. Currency exchange rates are set at Corales de Paz’s discretion and do not necessarily reflect current market exchange rates.

You will have three payment plans for your booking. The details of which, can be found on our Planes de Aporte page. You will be asked which plan you prefer at the time of booking. Any additional fees will be outlined in your acceptance email.

Corales de Paz accepts payments by debit card, credit card or bank (EFT) transfer. In the event you pay by credit/debit card, Corales de Paz will charge any subsequent payments to that same card on the date they are due.

Failure to pay on agreed upon due dates will incur a late payment fee of $15.

Should your payment not be received within 7 days of your payment due date, Corales de Paz reserves the right to cancel your program, without refund.


Where Corales de Paz Cancels or Curtails a Program

Corales de Paz reserves the right to cancel or curtail a field program if, in its sole discretion, it believes that circumstances warrant it. This includes cancellation because of Force Majeure (as described below).

In all of the above cases where there is a cancellation, Corales de Paz’s first recourse will be to place you on an alternative program. Corales de Paz will use reasonable efforts to match any alternative program in accordance with your preferences. In the event that Corales de Paz is unable to provide you with a suitable alternative, you will be entitled to a refund of your program fee that has been paid. What is defined as a “suitable alternative” will be at the sole discretion of Corales de Paz.

In cases of curtailment, your first recourse will be to claim the balance of your program fee from your insurance. In the event the reason for curtailment is not covered by insurance, Corales de Paz will refund the balance of your unused program fee which will be calculated based upon the services that have been rendered to date, not a pro-rata amount.

On certain programs, Corales de Paz requires minimum numbers. Corales de Paz will notify you at the time of booking if this applies to your program to ensure you do not book your flight prior to confirmation that we have sufficient numbers to run your program.  In the event minimum numbers are not reached, you will be notified at least four weeks prior to your program start date and given an alternative program and/or start date.

In all cases of cancellation by Corales de Paz, Corales de Paz will not refund you for any expenses incurred by you related to your program, including, but not limited to, airfare, visa expenses, insurance, documentation, and equipment purchases. Please note this list is not exhaustive.

In all cases where Corales de Paz provides refunds, the refund will be made back to the original method of payment. In the event the credit or debit card has expired, the cardholder must contact their bank on how to recover the refunded funds. Corales de Paz will not refund alternate accounts or individuals.   All refunds incur a processing fee of $10.

Where You Choose to Cancel Your Program

In the event you cancel or curtail your program for any reason, any program fees paid will be non-refundable. Should you wish to have the option to receive a refund when you cancel, you must pay in full at the time of booking.

In the event you have not requested a tax-deductible receipt, you will be able to cancel your program for a full refund, less your deposit of 30% of the program total fee, up to 48-hours prior to your program start date. If you decide to cancel your program, you or the person who paid for your program can request a tax-deductible receipt for the amount not refunded which will be considered the donation amount you or the payer gave. The cancellation request must still be received by us 48 hours or more before your start date.


Participants may be eligible to transfer their program to another start date, duration or location at Corales de Paz’s discretion.

Please note:

  • All transfers will incur a transfer fee, which must be paid at the time of transfer to secure the new program. Fees range from $30 – $100 and can change without notice;
  • Provide your request for transfer at least 8 weeks before your current start date
  • The payment schedule of your original booking will remain in place;
  • Any payments remain non-refundable;
  • You will not be eligible for a refund of any program fee differences in the event you choose a program with a lower cost; and
  • You will forfeit any Scholarship or other discount applied to your original booking.

Your intended transfer must be to either a date, location, or program type shown as available on the website and you must specify this when you inform us of your request to transfer. Dates, locations, and program types are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Transfers will be confirmed in writing by Corales de Paz.


Corales de Paz is a no-for-profit organization registered in Colombia. Potential tax deductions will be subject to the discretion of the Tax body in Colombia.

Participants can opt to donate a portion of their program fees equal to or in excess of the value of goods and services provided to the participant. If you wish to receive a donation receipt you must:

    1. request one when making your initial program payment, via the tick-box on the payment page or at a later date.
    2. Pay for your program fee in full.

Donations will be used in line with Corales de Paz mission and it retains ultimate authority and discretion on how donations will be used. Donations are completely non-refundable in all circumstances.

In some cases, only a portion of your program fee will be deemed a “donation” on the receipt. The exact amount will be outlined in your acceptance email.

US resident taxpayers paying for a Corales de Paz program must consult their tax advisor regarding the tax implications of the donation component of their payment.


If you are under the age of 18, and a legal guardian is traveling with you, they will be entering into this agreement on your behalf by completing your application for a program.

If you are under 18, and will be travelling unaccompanied, your legal guardian must print and sign this document, and enter into this agreement on your behalf,  in order to confirm your place on your program.

Corales de Paz will also provide a consent & release form, which all of your legal guardians must sign and notarize, at least 8 weeks prior to departure.


Health and Safety

You must always respect and follow the health and safety procedures as set out by Corales de Paz, the Field Leaders and/or the representative in the host country.

Corales de Paz reserves the right to search your bag, room or property where there is deemed a health and safety, legal or other serious risk including the possession of illegal and illicit substances, including marijuana.

In the event you break any local laws, we will bear no liability and will not be required to mediate on your behalf with local authorities.

Corales de Paz’s program Leaders reserve the right to make decisions on your emergency medical care deemed essential by the most qualified in-country staff member in the event you are not able to do so and Corales de Paz will not be held liable for the outcome of such care.

Disciplinary Procedures Including Expulsion

Corales de Paz reserves the right to issue a warning of any kind, including dismissal, regardless of whether any warnings have been given. All disciplinary action will be documented and take place in front of a witness, where appropriate.

Your first offence will usually result in a verbal warning or written warning where appropriate. Repeated offences following a warning could lead to a written warning or a final written warning as appropriate. Thereafter any further offences will result in dismissal.

A full list of program and in-country  rules, regulations and procedures will be provided at the start of your program, during your health & safety briefing.

The following non-exhaustive list details actions that are grounds for immediate expulsion:

    • Possession, taking, or supplying of illegal or mind-altering substances, including marijuana;
    • Consuming alcohol or being intoxicated while on project or interacting with Corales de Paz’s program partners;
    • Breaking local laws;
    • Bullying, displaying cruel, thoughtless or rude behavior or committing acts which could injure or harm another Participant, a Field Leader, a member of staff, community member or any other person;
    • Disobeying Corales de Paz’s, the Field Leader’s or the representative in the host country’s instructions in relation to health and safety;
    • Disruption or obstruction of program activities
    • If the Field Leaders feel it is in the best interests of your health and safety or the program in general; and/or
    • Committing an act or displaying behavior which could jeopardies future Corales de Paz programs within the host country or lead to the souring of relations between Corales de Paz and the host communities or host country.

In the event of expulsion for any reason, you will not be entitled to any reimbursement from Corales de Paz, nor will Corales de Paz be responsible for any additional costs incurred by you as a result of expulsion.

Any requests to dispute dismissal must be put in writing to Corales de Paz will then provide an off site senior manager to review the case and make a full and final decision.


If you are joining a long-term internship with work-placements at Corales de Paz or partner organizations, you will be required to complete and pass ongoing assessments in order to be offered a placement or continuation of your current placement. These assessments are academic, practical, and based on general performance and behavior all of which will be marked through continuous assessment and performance reviews. Placements are offered at the full discretion of Corales de Paz and no refund will be issued in the event that you are not offered a Placement.

Activities Outside of Corales de Paz

International travel provides an opportunity for various tourist activities and experiences. We cannot bear any liability for activities that you choose to undertake that are not officially included in your Corales de Paz. What is included in the program is laid out in the “What’s Included” tab on your chosen program’s page on our website. These rules apply regardless of whether we introduce or recommend a given activity or provider.

Program Data

Any research, data, reports, photographs and documentation collected by you on your Corales de Paz program remains the property of Corales de Paz or our in-country partners. Corales de Paz or our in-country partner’s permission must be received before that data can be used (e.g. before you can include it in a research or scientific paper). No compensation will be provided to you for any data or research you collect.

Any program equipment provided in-country remains the property of Corales de Paz and must be returned in good, working order upon conclusion of your Corales de Paz program. In the event such equipment is lost or damaged due to negligence, you must pay for or replace it.

Program Media

Any photographs, videos or multimedia you product or give to Corales de Paz may be used in promotional or commercial materials by us. You will not be paid in any way for the material or for its use.


You should direct any in writing to Corales de Paz will not engage with complaints made by third parties unless explicitly directed in writing by you. Where you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian must explicitly direct Corales de Paz to engage with a third party regarding you or your participation.

Should Corales de Paz be unable to resolve a serious complaint, you must refer the matter to the legally binding arbitration service at your expense. Should we be found to be in the wrong, your reasonable costs of filing the dispute will be reimbursed by order of the arbitration body.


You accept that you will be subjected to various emotional, physical and psychological demands by participating on a program. You are aware and accept that the standard of living in the relevant country, including food, hygiene and accommodation, may be below the general standards of your own country.

You also understand that certain risks may arise, including, but not limited to:

  • hazards of travelling in remote areas;
  • travel by automobile, van, bus, airplane, boat, train or any other means of conveyance;
  • the forces of nature;
  • civil disturbances;
  • national or international conflicts;
  • terrorism;
  • arbitrary itinerary changes made by foreign governments or vendors;
  • dive related accidents, boat accidents;
  • interacting with dangerous wildlife;
  • personal injury or illness from the local environment;
  • accident or illness in remote locations without immediate evacuation or medical facilities; or
  • negligent acts of third parties.

You confirm and agree to all of the following:

  • you understand these and other risks inherent in such a program;
  • you also confirm that your participation is completely voluntary;
  • you assume all risk associated with your fieldwork;
  • you agree to indemnify us and those involved in delivering the fieldwork component against any claims of any kind that arise from your participation.
  • These claims include those arising both directly and indirectly from your participation in the program.


Corales de Paz will not pay financial compensation which exceeds the amount of your program fee, as outlined in your acceptance email, except in cases of death or personal injury caused by Corales de Paz’s gross negligence.

In cases of death or personal injury caused by Corales de Paz’s gross negligence, any liability by Corales de Paz and/or its employees and/or its agents is limited to the financial amount that will be paid out by the insurance policies in Corales de Paz’s name. If no compensation is received from these policies, then any and all liability whatsoever, including without limitation, claims grounded in negligence, is hereby limited to a maximum amount of $1500.


We bear no liability of non-performance, delay in performance of any of our obligations under this agreement where the failure is caused by circumstances or anticipated circumstances beyond our reasonable control such as:

  • Acts of God such as natural disasters or disease outbreaks etc
  • War
  • Acts of terrorism
  • Riots or civil unrest
  • Fire
  • Acts or changes in sovereign law or other official government action.

Where force majeure results in cancellation of your program, your program fees will remain non-refundable. We will always do our best to find a suitable alternative program for you in any such event.


In the event of your death, the terms of this agreement will further extend to your heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns.

Colombia law shall apply to this Agreement and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Colombian Courts.