Así es como encontramos el arrecife de Varadero
Varadero Reef

Varadero´s Reef was monitored for the very first citizen science coral reef monitoring in August 2019. During the Cartagena Reef Check, twelve Reef Check EcoDivers evaluated the health of the reef at 7 sites. The results of the exercise is summarized in the attached infographics.


Infografia Cartagena Reef Check 2019
Infografia Cartagena Reef Check 2019


We also mapped digitally parts of the reef for the very first time using the photomosaic technique. We will be constructing 3D models of the reef which will help us build a digital image bank of large areas of the reef and monitor coral reef growth over time.

5m x 5m photo-mosaic created from over 1000 images of Varadero´s reef.


Varadero´s Reef was declared by Mission Blue as a #hopespot for humanity, since this reef preserved a great biological diversity in unique and even paradoxical conditions for what has traditionally been considered as optimal conditions for coral reef development. Therefore, its preservation must be guaranteed.

The information collected will be used by CARDIQUE, the environmental authority in charge of the reef and a partner of the Cartagena Reef Check,  and other decision makers in order to declare ​​Varadero´s Reef as a protected area.

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