Responsible Diving for Coral Reef Conservation

Diving responsibly to protect reefs for everyone´s benefit

Sistema de Buceo ResponsableProperty, goods, and equity are assets that require proper use and management to ensure long-term personal and corporate wealth. Correspondingly, coral reefs are an asset to the reef tourism sector. Coral reefs are the playground for snorkelers and divers, the office for dive professionals and marine researchers, and source of revenue for the diving and coastal tourism industries. Therefore, we must learn how to properly use and manage coral reefs if we are to continue reaping the benefits of healthy coral reefs.

As part of our mission, Corales de Paz believes that there are three distinct components for creating a snorkeling and diving industry that has a net positive environmental impact. The three components are knowledge, skills, and behavior, and together form the Corales de Paz Responsible Diving System de Corales de Paz que te ayuda a asegurarte de que siempre pones más de lo que tomas de los arrecifes de coral.

A reef user like you, (e.g. beachgoer, snorkeler or diver) must have a proper foundation of knowledge to understand how coral reefs function, and their strong connection with humans, to be aware of the impact you are causing to coral reefs. Practical training offers you the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to measure and reduce the impact caused to coral reefs. At Corales de Paz, we have packed a minimum set of concepts and skills within our Universo de Buceo con Propósito (MDU) which we believe you need to start helping build resilient coral reefs. From the moment you enter the MDU, you must adopt and commit to an environmentally friendly use of coral reefs. You have now the ability to positively influence reef user behavior and help protect coral and other marine life on every visit.

Universo de Buceo con Propósito

Knowledge and skills for you to start helping build resilient coral reefs.

Corales de Paz Universo de Buceo con Propósito

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You can start practicing meaningful diving today from the comfort of your home or office. The theory component of most programs in the Universo de Buceo con Propósito is available online for e-learning. Once you complete and pass your theory you can choose one of the opportunities we offer your to practice meaningful diving for marine conservation, join us in one of our Reef Check Expeditions, Reef Repair Expeditions, or Reef Giving Expeditions.

Programa de Reconocimiento Coral Reef Diver

Calificaciones de reconocimiento gratuitas para ti cada vez que completas un nuevo nivel de buceo con propósito.

Te preocupas, ayudas, te estás convirtiendo en un buceador mejor y más responsable. Queremos reconocer tu compromiso. En Corales de Paz, hemos creado un programa de calificación de reconocimiento de compromiso solo para eso. Cada vez que alcances un nuevo nivel, te enviaremos una tarjeta electrónica con tu nombre y nivel para que la muestres, compartas y animes a otros a convertirse también en buceadores importantes para la conservación marina. Buzos con certificaciones en alguno de los programas de nuestro Universo de Buceo con Propósito, excepto los programas Reef Check y Reef Repair, de una agencia de buceo reconocida pueden solicitar el reconocimiento de Corales de Paz para recibir su calificación de Coral Reef Diver.

SSI Blue OceansThe Scuba Schools International (SSI) SSI Blue Oceans is a free e-learning program that introduces you to many of the global challenges that our ocean faces today and it provides you with environmentally friendly practices and behaviors you can take to address those challenges. The SSI Blue Oceans program is for everyone, you don´t have to be a diver, a conservationist, or a training center operator to make an impact.

Todos los Usuarios de Arrecifes Comienzan Aquí

Aún Si No Eres Buzo

Muestra tu compromiso con el esnórquel y buceo responsables aprendiendo los retos actuales que enfrentan los océanos, comprométete a tomar acciones que reduzcan tu impacto, y adopta un código de conducta responsable con el uso de arrecifes coralinos. Puedes ser un nadador, buzo, u operador de buceo. Inicia hoy tu SSI Blue Oceans Program y el Curso Green Fins Dive Guide y demuestra que te importa y quieres el cambio. Los programas suman para tu reconocimiento de compromiso bajo nuestro Universo de Buceo con Propósito.  

Green Fins Flag

The Green Fins initiative aims to protect and conserve coral reefs through environmentally friendly guidelines that promote a sustainable diving and snorkeling industry.

Green Fins is coordinated internationally by The Reef-World Foundation in partnership with the UN Environment.

Become a Green Fins Member

Dive and snorkel centers operating in active Green Fins locations (Antigua & Barbuda, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Palau, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam) become members by signing the membership form and pledging to follow the 15 environmental practices of the Green Fins Code of Conduct. Active Green Fins members are then trained, assessed and certified annually by qualified Green Fins Assessors, following a specific membership process.

If your country is an active Green Fins location, you better

Become a Green Fins Member

If Green Fins in not yet active in your location, you can start by becoming a Green Fins Dive Guide and/or promoting the Green Fins Code of Conduct.

Para nuestro Sistema de Buceo Responsable Corales de Paz se ha registrado como un Centro de Aprendizaje con Scuba Schools International (SSI). Regístrate hoy! en la página de nuestra escuela de buceo SSI y comienza a tomar cualquiera de estos y muchos más cursos de aprendizaje en línea en nuestro Universo de Buceo con Propósito. Es tan simple como iniciar sesión y aprender con la plataforma de aprendizaje electrónico de SSI desde tu teléfono o computadora portátil.