We won´t take long. The fact is that we need coral reefs. Our lives heavily depend on them. But coral reefs as we know them

If I close my eyes and I try to imagine the most breathtaking place I saw, the sound of bubbles and waves comes in my

San Andrés Reef Check se realizó en Octubre de 2019. Gracias a nuestros EcoDivers y nuestros colaboradores, logramos hacer por tercera vez consecutiva desde 2017,

Me atreví a proponerle que el monitoreo se hiciera en el espectacular ecosistema de los Corales de Varadero. Así cuando esperas con ansias que el

Varadero´s Reef was monitored for the very first citizen science coral reef monitoring in August 2019. During the Cartagena Reef Check, twelve Reef Check EcoDivers

A esta expedición llegué con muchas expectativas, de fortalecer mis conocimientos y complementarlos con el poco tiempo de experiencia que llevo participando en monitoreo coralino,

In a joint international NGO collaboration, Corales de Paz and Nature Seychelles hosted a training workshop on coral reef restoration at the Center for Ocean

Corales de Paz and collaborators are leading the way with a commitment to build a transboundary network of coral reef restoration projects. Meaningful diving for

As coral reef degradation becomes everyday news, Phanor Montoya of Corales de Paz travels to remote islands of the south Pacific to check on their

From March 18th to April 7th, Corales de Paz team was receiving the support of three young danish volunteers who for three weeks were in