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The Maldivian Coral Reef Restoration Workshop is an intensive full-time 80 hours’ hands-on, in-water practical program. In addition to providing an experience on what is involved in coral reef restoration using the coral reef gardening concept, the workshop touches on current best practices, appropriate design, logistics, and evaluation of a restoration project.

This workshop is part of Corales de Paz´s mission to build capacity in large-scale coral reef restoration. Similar versions of this workshops can be organized on demand in different parts of the world. Visit our Get Involved page to find out when and where is our next coral reef restoration training workshop.

The workshop is divided into a series of classroom lessons and field activities. It will be coordinated by Dr Phanor H Montoya-Maya of the NGO Corales de Paz and Research Associate to Nature Seychelles, the NGO responsible for the largest coral reef restoration project completed to date in the Indian Ocean: the USAID/UNDP-GEF-funded “Reef Rescuers: Restoring Reefs in the Face of Climate Change”.

Lessons are held at the MaRHE Center (Marine Research and High Education Center) of Milano-Bicocca University in Magoodhoo Island, Faafu Atoll. All field activities are carried out on SCUBA diving and snorkeling equipment. This workshop has resulted in the set-up of the Magoodhoo Island first coral nurseries, a collaboration between Corales de Paz and the University of Milano-Bicocca.

Content of the workshop

The workshop will consist of a series of lectures and field activities held by international researchers with experience working in tropical marine environments. Classes will be held at the Bicocca University advanced training center. All field activities in the sea will be done by scuba diving.

After this training period you will be able to:

  • build mid-water coral nursery,
  • populate coral nurseries,
  • out-plant corals onto a degraded reef site,
  • assess coral health conditions,
  • carry out your own coral reef restoration project.

By attending the workshop, participants will earn an ‘Open Badge’, a digital international certification to recognize the skills and competencies you will get on coral reef restoration through the Workshop. The Open Badge is released by the University of the Milano-Bicocca.

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