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Coral Identification Course¿Ever wondered what coral you saw in your last dive? The non-diving SSI Coral Identification program gives you the concepts and principles to identify the coral you see while diving, increasing your coral monitoring skills and diving experience. 

In the Reef Check protocol identifying corals is very simple, you identify either as a hard or soft coral. But there is so much information we miss from not knowing what kind of coral we see, ¿what family it belongs to? ¿was it a branching or a massive coral?  This is very important information that can help us improve the health assessments we do in our participatory coral reef monitoring and restoration actions we propose.

This course is designed to provide an overview of the families of corals found in the Caribbean, Indo-Pacific, and the Red Sea, many of which are found in all three locations! Improving your identification skills with this specialty program will help you build confidence and transfer your coral reef monitoring skills to other parts of the world.

Check our Responsible Diving System and discover more programs to gain the knowledge and skills to start helping build resilient coral reefs while diving.

This program will explore coral biology and morphology. We particularly cover how to identify and classify a species, which is a critical skill for anyone interested in coral identification. Throughout this program, we will learn how to identify different coral species based on their growth form, habitats, and geographical locations.

There are no required dives for this program, but in order to master the coral identification, skills learned Corales de Paz encourages you to perform, at any of our field programs, optional special in-water skills and exercises. You can also undertake open water training dives with any active SSI Dive Professional.

You can start today and complete the Digital Learning materials. These materials are self-paced, and you can complete them anywhere, anytime, once you download them to your SSI MySSI app available in Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

In this e-learning course you will:

Learn to define a species and describe how a species is named, both scientifically and with a common name.

Learn about coral classification, physical characteristics, and reproduction.

Learn to identify and recognize coral families from the Caribbean, the Red Sea, and the Indo-Pacific.

SSI - Scuba Schools International - - Register NowIncluded in the Full option is:

SSI Coral Identification digital kit.
2 hour interactive classroom session, with fish quiz at the end. Scheduled  every three weeks at 19:00.
Digital SSI certification card.

You have three options to take this program:

  1. Webinar Only: Choose to participate in the webinar only; it does not include materials nor certification.
  2. e-Learning Choose to take the SSI materials only for self-learning and certification.
  3. Full: Choose to take the webinar, SSI materials, and certification.

Corales de Paz is a registered dive school with SSIRegister today in this course, log in, affiliate to Corales de Paz – Buceo con Propósito – 757004 as your SSI Training Center, and start learning online with the SSI e-learning platform from your phone or laptop. 

Additional information

Learning OptionsWebinar Only, Self-Taught, Full

The SSI Coral Identification is a step within our Responsible Diving System!

Responsible Diving System for responible reef use Corales de Paz believes that there are three distinct components for creating a snorkeling and diving industry that has a net positive environmental impact. The three components are knowledge, skills, and behavior, and together form the Corales de Paz Responsible Diving System which helps you ensure that you always put more than what you take from coral reefs.

A reef user like you, (e.g. beachgoer, snorkeler or diver) must have a proper foundation of knowledge to understand how coral reefs function, and their strong connection with humans, to be aware of the impact you are causing to coral reefs. Practical training offers you the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to measure and reduce the impact caused on coral reefs

The SSI Coral Identification course is a specialty program part of our Coral Reef Ecology I group of specialty programs that lets you advance your knowledge for coral reef monitoring. Check your progression in our  Meaningful Diving Universe, a group of courses and training we believe provide important knowledge and skills for ocean lovers and reef users like you to actively engage in building coral reef resilience.

Meaningful Diving Universe

The SSI Coral Identification program is also a requirement to obtain your free Advanced Coral Reef Diver commitment recognition rating from Corales de Paz.

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