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In 2017 I was doing my master’s degree and starting at Corales de Paz as a volunteer. Back then, I had to do a lot of fieldwork under the sun. As I like to use suncream as little as possible, I started to look for good sun protection equipment.

In that search, I came across Waterlust. I discovered them because I love whale sharks and I had seen a super cute garment through social networks in an underwater photo, and since I really like having fun designs in swimsuits, I found that the clothes of Waterlust were the answer.

Vibrant, environmentally responsible apparel that visually represents various marine and freshwater science conservation topics, empowering you to use what you wear as a fun and functional science communication tool. For each design, we donate 10% of profits to leading research & education organizations and use their expert knowledge to guide behavioral change recommendations.

I loved Waterlust for the way the garments were made. They make their garments by taking patterns from animal photographs which they digitize and create the designs they print on their fabrics, which are made with recycled PET bottles. Waterlust is a brand from a family business that I loved because they take care of all the design details in their garments and in the presentation of their products.

Although I love their clothes, the Waterlust thermos are incredible! I really liked them because they are very insulating and excellent for carrying cold water almost all day in the sun. I have ordered several thermoses for a few friends and they all love it. Since then I have been a fan of their clothes and I follow them on social networks.

Angela Alegria Ortega Buceando Corales de Paz Buceo con Propósito
Wearing what I like the most while doing what I like the most!

Some months ago as a result of the abnormal Covid-19 situation for many conservation organizations that depend on tourist or recreational activities for funding, Watelust launched a call for these organizations to collaborate and help each other overcome the lack of funding.

The Positive Impact Partnerships is an industry-leading affiliate program where local businesses and organizations can advertise Waterlust gear and in return, they’ll pay them 25% of the total sales they generate. This appeared to me like a good idea for Corales de Paz with which it could continue expanding its network of allies. And voila! Today is a reality!

Waterlust Corales de Paz  Positive Impact Partnerships

I can tell you that my Waterlust clothes have kept their color and the fabric is like new despite all the use that I give them doing meaningful dives with Corales de Paz monitoring and restoring coral reefs. The truth is that I only take care of them by washing the garments after using them in the sea and drying them in the shade, so for a garment that could last another 3 or 4 years they are not bad!

I hope that my recommendation gives you the confidence to enter the page through the link and that you give yourself something from Waterlust, thus receiving excellent quality and the satisfaction of supporting the conservation of coral reefs.

About Author

Angela Alegría Ortega
I am a Biological Engineer (MSc in Biology), Divemaster, and Reef Check EcoDiver. As a conservation enthusiast and diver, my role as Coordinator of the Reef Science Program is to promote and foster research projects aim at improving coral reef science and conservation.