A volunteer pilot
Esteban Mulford Voluntario Corales de Paz Buceo con propósito

Hi! I am Esteban, a commercial pilot, as well as a nature lover. Born 1998 in Bogotá, graduated from high school in 2015, and commercial pilot since 2018.

From a very young age I’ve been curious about nature, from tiny ants to huge whales. As a child I enjoyed following tiny ants back to their colonies, looking for footprints or traces on every natural reserve I went to; on the sea, I loved looking for fish, following them, and trying to keep up as they fled from me. 

My favourite destination on earth has always been San Andrés island on the Caribbean; the vast amount of colours and creatures, a blossoming ecosystem, it’s the garden of Eden for me. 

Recently I’ve noticed the amount of colours decreasing, creatures migrating away, hiding their beauty further and deeper into the sea. 

Esteban, a commercial pilot, as well as a nature lover.

Coral reefs have been a constant on the coastal regions for many years however they are disappearing.

That inner desire to help, to restore what used to be, brought me to Corales de Paz. I wrote to them in order to volunteer, offering my set of skills, but most importantly my willingness to help, every little grain of sand counts.

Since day 1, they welcomed me into the team, all of us working hand in hand. I’ve had the pleasure to meet and learn from such wonderful and intelligent people; everyday I work with them, I go to bed with new knowledge and new intrigues to ask on the next meeting.

It has been a wonderful experience, I certainly can’t wait to jump in the water and enjoy new experiences with Corales de Paz! 

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Esteban Mulford
Soy Esteban, piloto comercial, a la vez de amante de la naturaleza. Nacido en 1998 en Bogotá, egresado de bachillerato en 2015 y piloto comercial desde 2018.