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Coral Reef Restoration Online Course

This course was designed by the Reef Resilience Network to provide coral reef managers and practitioners with best practice guidance for common coral reef restoration techniques. Lessons incorporate new science, case studies, and management practices described in the Reef Resilience Toolkit.


Discover Reef Repair

Become a coral gardener for a day! Show you care about coral reef conservation, commit to take actions to reduce your impact, and experience how the world is trying to bring dead coral reefs back to life.

1 Day
Theory + Fieldwork, Theory Only

Reef Repair Diver

This course is designed to give you an understanding of coral reef restoration and the skills necessary to participate in coral reef restoration project around the world.

4 Days
Theory + Fieldwork, Theory Only
Reef Repair Diver Trainer Header

Reef Repair Diver Trainer

This course teaches qualified Reef Repair Divers to become certified Reef Repair Diver Trainers. Reef Repair Trainers can certify standard Reef Repair Divers and can teach the Discover Reef Repair introductory course.


On Demand
Theory + Fieldwork