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Coral Reef Restoration Online Course

This course was designed by the Reef Resilience Network to provide coral reef managers and practitioners with best practice guidance for common coral reef restoration techniques. Lessons incorporate new science, case studies, and management practices described in the Reef Resilience Toolkit.


San Andrés Reef & Covid-19 Check

A meaningful diving expedition to assess both the coral reefs and people threatened by the coral-killing SCTLD and the infectious human COVID-19 pandemics.

4 Days

Santa Marta Reef Check

Our very first and largest Reef Check expedition so far, and first coral reefs surveyed by our Reef Check EcoDivers.  It is still an intense educational experience in citizen science to increase the number of qualified people to collect information on the condition of Colombia´s coral reefs. The diversity of habitats in the Santa Marta, Taganga and the Tayrona National Park areas is a great opportunity to become a coral reef citizen scientist.

4 Days
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