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Become a coral reef scientist for a day! Show you care about coral reef conservation, commit to take actions to reduce your impact, and experience how the world is monitoring coral reef health.

Experience the life of a marine biologist for a day! Show you care about coral reef conservation, commit to take actions to reduce your impact, and experience how the world does coral reef monitoring.

You will experience how you can protect coral reefs while diving with Reef Check. You will become a marine scientist for a day and help coral reef monitoring. In the end, you will leave with most of your questions answered on the work marine biologists do. The best is that everyone can join, whether a snorkeler or a diver.


The Discover Reef Check half-day course allows you to see firsthand how marine biologists conduct coral reef research.  It is an introductory course for individuals to learn the basic principles of coral reef monitoring using the globally standardized Reef Check monitoring methods. The main focus is to provide insight into how these scientific techniques and equipment are applied in the field. Following an introduction, you will try your hand at some of the sampling techniques used in coral reef monitoring.

Progression of Reef Check EcoDiver Program

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Theory component

There is a two-hours in-person or e-learning session where you learn about the fundamentals of coral reefs. This includes their function and importance. You’ll then go on to learn about the driving forces behind the decline of coral reefs and how are scientists evaluating the condition and health of coral reefs. Finally, you’ll have time to reflect on what can be done to aid in the future of coral reef conservation. This will touch on how coral reef monitoring can assist in coral reef conservation.

E-Learning Ready

Start your training today! Complete and pass the knowledge component of our meaningful diving programs and get certified any time at a field program.

E-learning ready

E-learning Only

Starts: Every two weeks
Duration: 2 hours long
Cost: $21

Full Certification

E-learning + Field Program

Starts: Every two weeks + dates of the field program
Duration: 2 hours + duration of the field program
Cost: $15 with any qualifying field program*

*E-learning must be completed and passed before joining a field program, registering as a Discover Reef Check candidate.


You must complete and pass the knowledge (e-learning) component before starting any field program. At any qualifying field program, you will conduct two open water sessions – either on snorkel or diving depending on location and field program. In the first water session,  you will be be taken snorkeling or diving to practice identifying the indicators species surveyed in the Reef Check protocol (e.g. fish, marine invertebrates, substrate categories, and coral diseases). In the last water session, you will be taken snorkeling or diving to experience conduct a Reef Check transect to evaluate any of the three components: fish communities, marine invertebrates, benthic categories, and or diseases.


You don´t need to be a certified scuba diver to take this e-learning course. You need to be 12 years old or older.


E-learning only does not include materials nor certification. Reef Check EcoDiver Kit provided by the trainer as part of the field program.

Testing and Certification

No test; participants receive a Certificate of Completion. The Discover Reef Check course is a great introduction to what you will learn if you wish to become a Reef Check EcoDiver and start point in our Meaningful Diving Universe.

Check off the Join a Field Program tab to find a Reef Check expedition to get your fieldwork experience, or better yet get the experience at your next diving destination!

Check our Meaningful Diving Universe and discover more programs to gain the knowledge and skills to start helping build resilient coral reefs while diving.

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Theory + Fieldwork



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