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Thank you for donating to bring dead reefs back to life through our meaningful diving opportunities! We knew you care about the coral reefs you love to snorkel or dive in. 

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Coral reefs are a strategic ecosystem for humanity thanks to their fishing, tourism and coastal protection services. However, the planet’s coral reefs are threatened by natural and man-made causes, putting the lives of more than 1 billion people who depend directly on coral reefs at risk. At Corales de Paz, we develop programs for meaningful diving where you can actively participate in research, conservation, and ecosystem restoration strategies, generating decent work on the coasts, making sustainable use of coral reefs, protecting life in the sea, and facilitating adaptation to climate change. Your donation brings us closer to achieving a greater socio-environmental impact. 100% of your contribution will be used to continue evaluating the health of coral reefs, to actively assist in their recovery, and to promote responsible coral reef use. 

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You can donate to our mission with purchases from our shop. Please visit our shop to find a gift of your choice.

You can donate to our mission with gifts of stock, planned giving, in-kind gifts, and more! Please contact Alba Lucia Daza, our Administrative Director, for more information.

You can give or sponsor coral out planting for reef restoration in Colombia through our Reef Giving Program. Visit the page for more information.


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