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Sign-up for the free SSI Blue Oceans e-learning course today and start your career of meaningful diving for marine conservation. Learn the Responsible Diver Code and enter our Responsible Diving System. 

Blue OceansThe SSI Blue Oceans program helps you show your commitment to responsibly friendly snorkeling and diving. .

By learning the current challenges that oceans face today, committing to take actions to reduce your impact, and adopting the Responsible Diver Code you start becoming a diver who gives good use to coral reefs. The Blue Oceans program is for everyone, you don´t have to be a diver, a scientist, or a training center operator to make an impact.

The Scuba Schools International (SSI) Blue Oceans free e-learning program introduces you to many of the global challenges that our ocean faces today and it provides you with environmentally friendly practices and behaviors you can take to address those challenges.


In this e-learning course you will:

Learn why the oceans are important to humanity.

Learn about threats to our oceans and their consequences.

Learn how you can help with only a few simple actions.

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Corales de Paz is a registered dive school with SSIRegister today in this course, log in, affiliate to Corales de Paz – Buceo con Propósito – 757004 as your SSI Training Center, and start learning online with the SSI e-learning platform from your phone or laptop. 



The SSI Blue Oceans is where you enter our Responsible Diving System!


Responsible Diving System for responible reef use Corales de Paz believes that there are three distinct components for creating a snorkeling and diving industry that has a net positive environmental impact. The three components are knowledge, skills, and behavior, and together form the Corales de Paz Responsible Diving System which helps you ensure that you always put more than what you take from coral reefs.

A reef user like you, (e.g. beachgoer, snorkeler or diver) must have a proper foundation of knowledge to understand how coral reefs function, and their strong connection with humans, to be aware of the impact you are causing to coral reefs. Practical training offers you the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to measure and reduce the impact caused on coral reefs

The free SSI Blue Oceans course is our entry-level in our Meaningful Diving Universe, a group of courses and training we believe provide important knowledge and skills for ocean lovers and reef users like you to actively engage in building coral reef resilience.


Meaningful Diving Universe


The free SSI Blue Oceans program is also a requirement to obtain your free Coral Reef Diver commitment recognition rating from Corales de Paz. Corales de Paz is a registered dive school with SSI . Register today in this course, log in, and start learning online with the SSI e-learning platform from your phone or laptop. 

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Check our Responsible Diving System and discover more programs to gain the knowledge and skills to start helping build resilient coral reefs while diving.

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5.00 based on 2 reviews
July 20, 2020

El curso excelente en su totalidad. Recomiendo la lección 4.3, caso estudio de la Doctora Sylvia Earl, si entran a podrán encontrar que nuestro hermoso país Colombia tiene declarado 3 lugares como “HOPE SPOTS”: Capurgana-Cabo Tiburón, Varadero y Malpelo.


Capurgana y Cabo Tiburón


Gracias a Corales de Paz por compartir conocimiento y motivarnos a que nos capacitemos en el cuidado de los arrecifes de coral.

July 8, 2020

Muy valioso! Muy importante hacerlo para entender las problematicas que atraviesan nuestros oceanos

July 8, 2020

Muchas gracias Juan Manuel por tomar el curso. El conocimiento es clave para tomar acción.

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