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Reef giving Acropora cervicornis transplanted


1 Transplanted coral

$39 once-off

Certificate of sponsorship

$36Order Now

Reef Giving sponsor coral reef restoration


3 Transplanted corals

$11.9/mo x 12

$119 once-off

Before-and-After photo
Certificate of sponsorship

$119Select options

Reef Giving 16 square meters

144 M2 OF REEF

48 Transplanted corals

$177.90/mo x 12

$1.779 once-off

Before-and-After photo
Certificate of sponsorship

$1,779Select options

400 M2 OF REEF

192 Transplanted corals

$699.9/mo x 12

$6.999 once-off

Before-and-After photo
Certificate of sponsorship

$6,999Select options

Corales de Paz transplanted coral reef Providencia Coral reef restoration

2400 M2 OF REEF

1152 Transplanted corals

$2499.9/mo x 12

$24999 once-off

2 night/3 day guided visit*
Recognition Plaque
Discover Reef Repair Program*
Before-and-After photo
Certificate of sponsorship

$24,999Select options

All options receive a donation certificate for tax purposes. * Terms and conditions apply.

How to Start Sponsoring Coral Reef Restoration

Choose your best gift/sponsorship option and write to indicating:

  1. Your chosen option from Reef Giving.
  2. Indications if your sponsorship is in honor or in memory of a person or company. If this is the case, include your full name, email logo, and the delivery date.
  3. Email address to receive the sponsorship certificate if it is different from the previous one.
  4. Personalized message for the certificate if necessary.
  5. If payment is via Direct Bank Transfer, proof of payment to the savings account No. 81369829807 of Bancolombia in the name of Corales de Paz (NIT 901026234-8) for the value of the chosen Reef Giving option. If you want to make the contribution monthly, indicate it to send you the authorization of periodic charges.
  6. Confirm that you do NOT wish to receive recognition in our social media channels, events, and/or annual reports that highlight sponsorship.

Enjoy updates on the status and growth of your gift and/or sponsorship. Depending on your selection, come and supervise the gift and/or sponsorship yourself!


With large-scale coral gardening, we bring coral reefs back to life, beauty, fish and resilience. Seeking to strengthen and consolidate coral reef conservation efforts, we actively involve reef users in the installation, stocking and maintenance of coral nurseries, outplanting of coral colonies , and the monitoring of intervened reefs.

Repair Coral Reefs, Restore Life

Transplanting a coral is bringing the reef back to life. Transplanting a patch of coral is creating a habitat for fish, lobsters, crabs, and many more animals. Transplanting a reef is generating food, work, and recreation for people. Transplanting a coral reef is protecting communities, their homes, and workplaces. You can sponsor a coral transplant to commemorate the life of a loved one. Sponsoring a reef in rehabilitation is a special and appropriate way to show honor and love. When you sponsor our coral reef restoration program, you are bringing the oceans back to life; you are restoring life.

Reef Giving sponsor coral reef restoration

By sponsoring our coral restoration program, you contribute to preserving and restoring the life of coral reefs. With your contribution, we increase live coral cover by outplanting nursery-grown corals in the reefs where is needed the most.


When I joined the Cartagena Reef Check in 2019 I discovered my passion for coral reefs by being part of this initiative for marine conversation. Thus I learned that Corales de Paz also had a sponsorship program for coral reef restoration, which I did not think twice, knowing that my company and I are concerned about the environment and we are interested in supporting these type of projects. We initially adopted 2 square meters of restored reef and gave a present of a group of corals. Although small, we can clearly see the results and will continue to support these ideas for much longer!

Sebastian Hernandez, Almacen Cheford Barranquilla, Colombia

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