Our Responsible Reef Use program help us become responsible for our actions and understand that in everything we do there is an impact on our planet, which can be good or bad. When the impact is bad we need to stop or reduce it; if it is positive, we need to encourage its practice. Whichever it is, we need to own it and act responsibly as our own very existence is threatened.

At Corales de Paz, we specifically promote a change in human behavior, the creation of decent work and economic growth, responsible consumption and production, protection of life below water, and the building of partnerships and collaborations to strengthen our mission.

Adopting established protocols and standards, and using digital tools we seek to inform and engage reef users (e.g. fishermen, beachgoers, divers, hotel managers, businesses, etc.) on actions that are helping us achieve the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals and specifically support coral reef conservation. We invite you to check our Responsible Diving System to learn how you as a diver can start making responsible use of coral reefs.

From Individuals to Business, All Can Use Reefs Better

We are implementing three main projects within our Responsible Reef Use program

Reef Giving Coral Reef Restoration Sponsorship program Corales de Paz


Sponsor coral reef restoration

A sponsorship program where you contribute to preserving and restoring the life of coral reefs. With your contribution, we increase live coral cover by outplanting nursery-grown corals in the reefs where is needed the most.

Corales de Paz Meaningful Diving Responsible Diving System


Reduce your impact

We created a Responsible Diving  System which is helping divers and dive professionals reduce their environmental impact above and below water.


Motivate good actions

We raise awareness of effective actions that people can undertake to protect and restore coral reefs. These are simple, easy to implement actions. They are local actions with global impacts.

¿Do you Want to Do More to Protect Coral Reefs?

Discover our Responsible Diving System and Meaningful Diving Universe which offers your the knowledge and skills for you to start leaving a legacy of responsible coral reef use today from the comfort of your home or office. ¿Not SCUBA certified? No worries. You can still do lots to protect coral reefs. Enroll in one of our online, snorkel programs and or take a SCUBA Diving course with one of the dive centers that work with us. Contact us for indications of our partner dive centers.

We work to achieve the

17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

Using the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals as a guide.

News and stories on responsible Reef Use